Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Wall-Mounted)

This Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser features a refillable bottle capable of holding up to 1000ml of liquid soap or hand sanitiser and an automatic sensor which issues 0.8-1ml dose of sanitiser upon detection of a hand.


This means the user does not have to touch hand sanitiser dispenser, reducing the risk of bacteria or virus transmission and cross contamination.


  • Automatic, non-contact sanitiser dispenser.
  • 1000ml-capacity refillable bottle up to 3000 sprays
  • Can be used with liquid hand sanitiser
  • Automatic sensor issues a 0.8-1ml dose upon detection of a hand
  • The user does not have to touch the soap dispenser
  • Lockable design with a window
  • Drop pump: issues hand sanitiser in a single squirt
  • Can be powered via a mains supply using the UK adapter
  • Can be powered using 8 “AA”-size batteries (NOT Included)
  • Battery life: up to 30 000 doses
  • Low Battery indicator light


Provides a hygienic, simple and safe method of maintaining hand hygiene between hand washes

Suitable for public toilets, libraries, supermarkets, sports/ concert venues, hotels, bars, restaurants, cinemas, parks, stations, care homes, hospitals, offices, factories, businesses, and private homes

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Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Wall-Mounted)

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