Cold Mist Fogging Machine

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A perfect addition to any home or business, this machine can disinfect a room up to 50m2 in nine minutes. Leaving time to sanitise and settle while on your lunch break! Our machines are smarter, more convenient and easier to operate than other versions.
Suitable for: Homes, Retail outlets, Schools, Creches,Hospitals, care settings, offices, Medical and dental settings.


Distributes disinfectant at the touch of a button. There is no need to be in the buildingwhen this is being done. This will save a lot of time in a busy schedule
Supplements the classic spray and wipe, to ensure air and surfaces are as pathogenfree as possible
Very stylish design which will blend into any setting.

Only recommended for use with our natural HOCI hand and surface disinfectant. This is not classed as hazardous is food safe and can be used on hard surfaces, fabric, vehicles and skin.

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BrandSanitise Ireland
Finish/ColourClassic White
Volume12L Capacity
Spraying Rangeup to 50 Sqm

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1 Review For This Product

  1. 01

    by Catherine G

    I use this in my dentistry in Cork city. After every patient I just turn this on and it disinfects the room. It saves us so much time, effort and energy. With the natural solution, we have nothing to worry about in terms of our health or our patients breathing this in.


  1. Q Where can I get the proper users manual for this machine? I have one purchased but the instructions are for a HQ-JS130H humidifier. No info on time schedule for misting, no info on how much liquids to use?
    There are no answers for this question yet.
  2. Q

    Does the disinfect liquid have any side effects?


    Our HOCl solution is 100% natural, food safe and child safe. We cannot guarantee that no
    side effects will occur, however, in regards to inhalation, skin irritation and contact with eye,
    it is non-irritating. Nonetheless, we still recommend to clean out eyes with water immediately
    if liquid comes in contact.

  3. Q

    What is the difference between this fogging machine, compared to the other available


    This machine is automatic use, hence, no supervision or physical being to hold it is necessary,
    unlike the ULV and Electrostatic foggers. You can also set a delayed start, for this machine to
    start fogging at a specific time.

  4. Q

    What does the screen do?


    There are a few different features – on and off button, timer and appointment i.e. delayed

  5. Q

    Is this machine battery operated or plug in?


    Plug in.

  6. Q

    How do I fill this machine with solution?


    There are 2 parts to this machine. Lift off the larger part (top) and pour solution into the
    smaller bottom part. Put the top of the machine back on and plug to use. Empty this machine
    after use (pour back into solution bottle), to avoid build up of solution.

  7. Q

    How do I know how long I should leave this machine for in a room?


    This depends on the size of the room, for example approximately, per 50sqm, leave for 9

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Cold Mist Fogging Machine

540,00 incl. VAT

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