Disinfectant Fogger 4.5L

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It is important in the current situation to deep clean any public place, work environment, school,holiday home, care home, shop, hair salon, public house, cafe even your home. The Public Will Expect this regardless of what business premises you run, this is something that will have to become routine for the feasible future. 
Mains operated portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine For Use With our natural HOCI hand and surface disinfectant.

Fogging Is the most effective way to disinfect, penetrate Hard To Clean Areas Cracks & Soft Furnishings. Indoor & Outdoor Use



  • 30 sq m Room Can Be Disinfected in under 1-2 mins
  • Tank Capacity 4.5 L – Run Time 20 mins
  • Effective Range 8m
  • Particle Size 10-150 microns (Adjustable)
  • Atomisation Volume: 150ml/min
  • Power 1200w
  • Gross Weight 3.45kgs
  • 5m Electric Lead
  • CE Certified
  • UK 3 Pin Plug


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BrandSanitise Ireland
Finish/ColourBlue/ White
Volume4.5L Capacity
Spraying Range8-10 Metres

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Jackie Cahalane

    May seem expensive but worth every penney. So easy to use, just plug it in and I can quickly sanitise all the offices

  2. by Maria

    Makes me feel so much safer in work being able to disinfect patients rooms and the kitchen with this. With this virus, I’m quite scared to go to work because it’s a nursing home, but this fogger gives me a bit of reassurance.

  3. 06

    by Ciara

    Using this to disinfectant the rooms makes my staff and I feel so much more safe. Also quick delivery, came within 2 days and when I rang the landline number, they answered all the questions in a simple way with great detail. Great service, 10/10 would recommend to anybody looking for disinfecting equipment!!

  4. 06

    by Jessica

    From using this in my home to bringing this into the office, I feel so much safer. I know this won’t protect me 100% from getting Covid 19 but at least I am prevented and protected more than I would be without it. Even the staff talk about how much safer they now feel being in work. Great product, I don’t know how we didn’t use these even before the pandemic. There’s so many germs everywhere you go!!!

  5. 06

    by Jessica K

    This came within 2 days I was only delighted. All set up for me and all, can’t complain. Just put solution in and started disinfecting straight away. 10/10.

  6. 06

    by Maura

    Thought this would be heavy to hold but isn’t at all. So easy to use. Disinfect each room in minutes. Saves me so much time. 10/10

  7. 06

    by Christine

    Was looking for an easy to use fogger that didn’t look like a nerf gun out of Smyths for a long time least now my kids won’t get confused. Fabulous product I do my house with it and my workplace


  1. Q

    Does the disinfect liquid have any side effects?


    Our HOCl solution is 100% natural, food safe and child safe. We cannot guarantee that no
    side effects will occur, however, in regards to inhalation, skin irritation and contact with eye,
    it is non-irritating. Nonetheless, we still recommend to clean out eyes with water immediately
    if liquid comes in contact.

  2. Q

    What is the nozzle on this device used for?


    This nozzle adjusts the release of pressure of the solution from the fogger. Currently, they are
    set at 70ml of solution per minute. We recommend you do not touch this, as they are set. If
    changed, you may result in using more solution than required.

  3. Q

    Why is this better than the classic spray and wipe?


    Using a fogger makes the disinfectant solution particles finer allowing areas where a classic
    spray and wipe would not reach. Also, using a wipe may contaminate area by movement,
    where as a fogger does not physically touch any surface.

  4. Q

    Can I leave this fogger standing on its own in a room, or must I continuously hold it?


    There is more control if handheld, but you can leave it freestanding if you wish. However, in
    small rooms this fogger may release too much solution as it reaches a 10ft range, unlike the
    electrostatic which reaches a 6ft range.

  5. Q

    What is the difference between this fogger, compared to the other available foggers?


    This fogger is more efficient to be used within larger areas up to a 10ft range. With manual
    use, as opposed to automatic use, tight areas are able to be reached into.

  6. Q

    Can I use this fogger to disinfect vehicles?


    Yes, this is safe and easy to use within vehicles. However, with a plug-in cable, this may
    cause difficulties. Leave for one minute after fogging to allow the solution to work. This can
    also be used in houses, offices, buildings etc.

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Disinfectant Fogger 4.5L

442,00 incl. VAT

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