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PETZZEE disinfectant is a revolutionary new pet and livestock care treatment for the health, hygiene and welfare of all kinds of animals. Dogs, cats, poultry and farm animals, can all benefit from the natural effects of nature’s germ killer. Its unique formulation (HOCl), mimics what is naturally found in the immune system – so it is kind to animals, people and the environment.


PCS No: 101015


Petzzee is a highly effective disinfectant for animal skin, contact surfaces and even water.

Perfect for use in a home, on a farm or in a veterinary practice to eradicate germs, prevent infection and remove odours.



What makes Petzzee HOCI the best animal disinfectant?


  • Petzzee kills harmful bacteria (99.9999%), spores (99.9%) and viruses (99.99%). Safe to use on animals and plants, yet 100 times stronger than bleach.
  • Petzzee naturally inactivates pathogens on surfaces, equipment and feeding areas in less than one minute, without the need to remove animals.
  • Petzzee can also be used as a powerful antiseptic for cuts and wounds or pre-surgery, cleaning the area prior to work.
  • Petzzee is perfect for sterile eye irrigation: flushing, disinfecting and cleaning the eye area.
  • Petzzee can be used to prevent contamination in certain crops and increase yield.
  • Petzzee can be used in drinking water to kill bacteria and prevent a harmful biofilm forming.
  • Petzzee reduces costs, in replacing the number of harmful and expensive chemicals, often used in the care of animals.

Unlike other HOCl products on the market, our biocides have been tested in independent UK laboratories and leading universities, and comply with the rigorous EU Biocide Regulations. Tested to EN Standards BSEN 1276, BSEN 13704, BSEN 14204, BSEN 13697, BSEN 14476 and BSEN 16954.

100% naturalKills 99.99100% Alcahol free

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Petzzee 5L

45,00 incl. VAT

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