Nano Disinfectant Mist Sprayer

Mini, pocket size and rechargeable Nano Mist Sprayer

Cold Mist Fogging Machine

13L Cold Mist Fogging Machine with coverage for up to 50 sqm

Electrostatic Battery Fogger

1.8L Electrostatic battery operated fogger

ULV Portable Fogging

Ultra low volume fogging machine.

Automatic Hand Sanitiser

Install automatic hand sanitiser at entry points

Automatic Bin

Stainless steel bins with automatic lids for hands-free disposal

Automatic Towel Dispenser

Hands-free, sensor paper towel dispenser

LCD Auto Hand Sanitiser

Automatic hand sanitiser with built in advertisment Display

Tubular Scarf

Sanitise Ireland branded tubular scarf

Sanitise Ireland Mask

Selection of Sanitise Ireland branded reusable cotton face masks

Thermal Travel Mug

Sanitise Ireland branded travel mug


Crebisol 500ml & 750ml spray

Ultra low volume fogging machine.

AI Thermometer

Intelligent temperature monitoring

Automatic Hand Sanitiser

Automatic hand sanitiser with built in 10″ display

Touchless Hand Sanitiser

Automatic rechargable misting hand sanitiser

Disinfection Spray Maker

Sodium Hypochlorite disinfectant maker

Waiter Call System

Used for fast-taking orders from customers

People Counting and Traffic Management System

Measure the number of people passing by and customers entering your store anonymously, optimize staff allocation as well as marketing strategies and watch your profits skyrocket

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Our Products

By providing the latest generation of touchless solutions and cutting-edge preventative measures, we give your business, an edge over competitors.

There are many options available – basic to top of the range, freestanding or installation onto the wall.

We offer antimicrobial fixtures and fittings, and we can also coat existing furniture, with a 10-year protective coating. Not only does this prevent bacteria, viruses and fungi from penetrating and breeding, it also neutralises them.

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