About Us

Sanitise Ireland is a ONE-STOP-SHOP for all your antimicrobial needs. We have done the research to ensure that you have access to the latest antimicrobial products and services.
We offer protection, prevention and maintenance services.
Due to our massive experience and diverse workforce, not only can we provide but also supply, maintain and refill any of these products, at your convenience. This allows peace of mind in knowing, that you have been provided with the best and in turn can offer this to your customers. We have done the research, so you don’t have to!

Our Mission & Values

Sanitise Ireland’s core purpose is to offer the most rapid and comprehensive Sanitising and Hygiene solutions within Ireland.

Enabling our customers in safeguarding their living and working environments whilst continually ensuring a high quality standard of service is maintained.

Our company focus is dedicated to the highest level of customer service delivered by our experienced and diverse workforce.

To always deliver the highest standard of cleaning

Using our great eye for detail, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer. We consistently aim to do the best we can in any situation. 

To have a well-trained and professional team

We have a highly diverse workforce, who comply always to health and safety standards, as well as internal procedures.

Safety of staff and clients is paramount

Our staff have access to the best PPE and all equipment is checked regularly.
We only use a safe and biodegradable antimicrobial to clean, disinfect and sanitise.

Gold standard customer service

We aim to only deliver top quality customer service. From the initial consultation, to the post-work survey, we want to maintain the best relationship with our customers.

Reasons to Select Sanitise Ireland as your Infection Control Partner

• Professional and reliable
• Nationwide services
• Customised service to suit every budget
• Available 24/7 – 365 days
• Cost effective quality solutions 

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Our Team

Our workforce is a time served team who actively pursue a continual training and development programme to ensure they are continuously re-educated and up-to-speed in the latest methods and technologies available to the industry.

Our team of professionals are experienced at working in highly regulated environments. Their work is thoroughly planned, monitored and assessed for every job they’re scheduled to work on.

Our Team


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