Ready for All Natural, Chemical-free, Safe, Animal Care?

Protect your environment and promote a healthy immune response, in animals and handlers

Ready for All Natural, Chemical-free, Safe, Animal Care?

Protect your environment and promote a healthy immune response, in animals and handlers

Sanitise Ireland made a commitment

to shop for chemical-free replacements, for animal Products.

We know this can help the environment that we live in. This is also the most cruelty-free option for livestock and pets. The use of Natural and organic products in farming and for the everyday care of animals, has very positive implications, for the wider environment.

Why use natural products with your animals?

Go Natural

Natural based products have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to promote better health for humans, animals and plants.

Restoring natural balance

The importance of restoring the natural balance cannot be over emphasised, as the demands on our animals, are as great as they have ever been.

No side effects

Free of unwanted chemicals, safe for the handler and effective, with no unwanted residue or side effects.

We believe in promoting only the best natural products, that’s why we chose Petzzee!

Petzzee is an unmatched combination of safety and efficacy, in the most eco-friendly form possible, hypochlorous acid (HOCI).

This mimics the same HOCI that is found in the white blood cells of mammals, to fight viruses and bacteria. No other product can compete with this versatile triple threat. Not only does it kill viruses like SARS but also bacterial and yeast infections, mould, fungi and also improves odour.


Petzzee, Join the revolution in next generation green technology

Petzzee is an unmatched combination of safety and efficacy, in the most eco-friendly form possible, hypochlorous acid (HOCI).

Say goodbye to quats, bleach and alcohol. Join the revolution in next generation green technology, that only HOCl can deliver.

At lower concentrations can even supercharge the performance of your crops.

Petzzee HOCI is suitable for all mammals and birds, see below how versatile it is!

Where can you use Petzzee?

HOCI and Veterinary Clinics

Non toxic, eco-friendly and yet effective. Petzzee can be used by Veterinarians to clean and disinfect the surgery, medical equipment, reception and feeding areas. Petzzee is ideal as an antiseptic pre-surgery and as an aftercare agent. Significantly reduces cross contamination and reduces costs.

HOCI and Animal Skin

The skin of any mammal is the largest organ of the body. Keeping good skin health is of great importance. Petzzee HOCI can keep bacterial load down, combat yeast infections and promote quicker healing of wounds. It is safe and effective pre-surgery, as aftercare or for every day use.

HOCI for Kennels

Petzzee HOCL can keep your pets safe, no matter how long they board with you. Eliminating many dangerous pathogens including Parvovirus, yeast and bacterial infections. This can be used from ceiling to floor, inside the establishment or kennels. Clean, disinfect, sanitise and deodorise surfaces or fabric.

HOCI for Grooming Parlours

Petzzee HOCI is an excellent tool for grooming, as it promotes skin health and keeps fur soft and beautiful. Very versatile as aftercare for your customer, as it accelerates healing in anything from wounds to hotspots, neutralises odours and disinfects any area. Maybe ideal to prevent parvovirus.

HOCI for Equestrian Centres

Petzzee HOCI can be used directly on horses that have scrapes, abrasions, lacerations or punctures. It kills Staphylococcus infections, Dermatophilus, reduces bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. HOCL soothes sore skin, soreness from inflammation and promotes healing of wounds.

HOCl Helps Improve The Agricultural Industry

With natural disinfecting power that kills over 99.9999% of germs including SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, HIV, E. coli, and Salmonella, HOCL helps make farms and crops, as inhospitable to dangerous pathogens as possible. At lower concentrations, it can supercharge the performance of your crops.

HOCI for Daily Farm Life

Petzzee HOCl can effectively sanitise and disinfect an entire farm building, from floor to ceiling. It is safe enough to use on the farm continuously 24/7 around animals and food, it can even help improve animal health. Very effective as a wound care agent on ALL animals. It can be used on farming equipment, to disinfect drinking water or remove biofilm.

HOCI for Dairy Farms

HOCI work for many issues that dairy farms can struggle with, including a variety of harmful pathogens. Petzzee HOCI works for mastitis when milking, reduces bacterial load, can be used on all equipment and teats, feed area and for floor to ceiling disinfection. However, leaves no residue or harsh fumes and is 100 times stronger than bleach but kind to skin.

HOCI for Poultry Farms

Petzzee HOCl is perfect to implement as part of your sanitation protocol, as it takes care of all the major foodborne pathogens from E. coli to Salmonella and much more. HOCl is actually approved by the Department of Agriculture for use on any animals, as a water disinfectant or in a food processing facility. It is excellent as a wound care agent for poultry.


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PETZZEE disinfectant is a revolutionary new pet and livestock care treatment for the health, hygiene and welfare of all kinds of animals. Dogs, cats, poultry and farm animals, can all benefit from the natural effects of nature’s germ killer. Its unique formulation (HOCl), mimics what is naturally found in the immune system – so it is kind to animals, people and the environment.

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    by Doney H

    Well satisfied with this lads thanks. Always delivered on time, orders put through quickly, a smooth operation.

    The product is great for cleaning the stables & parlours. Sprayed the coops & machinery as well, no need to take the cattle out just spray away it’ll do them no harm.

    Keep up the good work cheers

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