Disinfection & Fogging Services

At Sanitise Ireland we do not simply offer services, we work with you to find the most effective solutions, for your work space. From the initial conversation to the post-work support, we ensure YOUR NEEDS are OUR PRIORITY. Not only does this allow us to help reduce your risks, it also lets you concentrate on your business, letting you do what you do best. Utilising, our team of highly skilled professionals you are presented with a service, like no other.

Disinfection by Sanitise Ireland

Professional Disinfectant Fogging Service

What is Disinfectant fogging?

It is the process of dispersing disinfectant, in microns smaller than the human hair. This enables the biocide to hang in the air for longer and neutralise harmful microbes that may be floating. When executed properly this will allow for an all-round antimicrobial clean, of both surfaces and the ambient air.

Precautionary Cleaning at home
Penny Dinner

What does this entail?

We only commence this as a professional service, after a
site survey and a risk assessment of the premise has been
done. This is both for safety of all concerned and to ensure
that the job is done to an optimum standard. Every situation we encounter is slightly different and we prepare ourselves for that.
The process alters depending on whether you are doing this as a  precautionary measure or because you have a confirmed case of infection in your workplace.

Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging

Our Disinfectant service is proven to be 99.9% safe from Microbes

Saves time, money and boosts staff morale knowing they are a priority

Unlike traditional methods fogging disinfects the ambient air and 360° sanitisation is achieved in minutes

Most of our services and products uses natural solutions like HOCL which is proven to be more effective than other solutions.

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