For Advertisers:

Getting your message seen shouldn’t be a chore. This LCD Auto Hand Sanitizer lets you deliver content, whether it be a promotional announcement, a public safety announcement, a news stream or any form of visual communications. You can now introduce your business to the right people at the right place and at the right time!

Promote your brand

These new sanitizing stations are an excellent solution for getting your message seen. They’re the perfect advertising channel to reach your target market. Our screens will be at high pedestrian traffic areas(coffeehouses, fuel stations, newsagents, gyms, and more), so you can increase your brand exposure to the public.

Cost-effective advertisement

We offer the most efficient, best value smart hand sanitizer kiosks you will find. Unlike other brands that charge thousands for a slightly bigger screen, our pricing starts from only 100 Euros a week. We provide great value, on a budget, with a quality that cannot be beaten.

Display and hand sanitising dispenser
Ad Solution 21 inch

For Business Owners:

Our mission is to change the way people discover local businesses. We are giving you the tools to build local communities and a platform to reach your customers. We do this by installing automated hand sanitizers at local businesses and supporting affordable advertising for all SME businesses opening fresh after covid.

Earn revenue for zero cost

Our offer includes installing these sanitizer kiosks in your business space for free. You’ll get a cut of the revenue we make from showing the ads. You don’t have to worry about refills either, as we’ll provide free refills for you. It’s a win-win- win!

Keep your visitors safe

These sanitisers provide an instant and no-fuss approach to complete hand hygiene. They only reduce the incidence of infection and cross- contamination, but will also help you reach your audience with targeted messages. It is the perfect solution to keeping your customers safe while promoting a positive image in your business.

Auto dispensing function
Display and hand sanitising dispenser
Wall mounted and floor standing Display and hand sanitising dispenser
Water proof touch screen
Double 7 inch touch screen table display and dispenser

Tabletop Digital Menu/Player/Charging Station and POS Terminal

Keep your pubs and restaurant open for business when you have the perfect tool to implement social-distancing and contactless food service. Our Tabletop Digital Menu/ Player/Charging Station and POS Terminal is designed to be a reliable solution for your business to get ahead in our evolving time.

Stay open, COVID-free, and ahead of the times with the tailor-fit, high-end technology this device can bring to your business.

4G NFC Order WiFi Android Advertising Equipment

FYD-868 Plus

Display Advertising Player

Table menu display
Table menu display with dual phone charger
Table menu display with phone charger

Be Innovative and Different Lead Trend of Creative Advertising

For Advertising Agency, most important is to choose best Ad Equipment and Places to help clients to Present Products and Make Their Brands Coverage Effectively Expanded and Sales increased . Smart Advertise on Lots of Tables and Easily Show Ads to captive audiences, while they charge phone, and can Guaranteed Seen for Hours a day by sitting at a meal, enjoying a coffee or simply hanging out.

Product features

Keep your profit!

With a reliable tool that makes it possible to implement protocols of social-distancing, have the assurance that your business can continue to run like a well-oiled machine.

Social distancing

To be in the food and hotel industry means to be in a community. With an added measure for contactless service, help promote health and safety in your community.

Grow popularity

Keep your regulars happy and by building trust, attract newcomers to your business. The convenience and security offered with the tabletop menu is a true investment

User-friendly operation

The technology is designed with the end consumer in mind. Rest assured that customers will find it as a dependable tool with the 7” wide screen menu/remote display, charging ports, and POS terminal for their convenience.

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