Automatic People Counting-stop And Go System

Re-open your retail store with a Stop-Go counting solution

Safely reopen your retail store with our occupancy monitoring solution and ensure your store is adhering to occupancy restrictions and allows the space needed for customers to social distance.

Stop-Go systems provides real-time occupancy data and visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. The easy-to-install sensors are mounted at all entrances and exits to count people as the enter and exit your store. Fully customisable, Stop-Go system can be used with customer-facing displays, traffic lights and audio alerts to notify them if it’s safe to enter. A cost-effective way to ensure stores are adhering to occupancy restrictions or regulations.

People counting in a post-COVID world

People counting or occupancy monitoring provides long term value to retailers in a post-COVID world. Get accurate data on peak hours for staffing, customer behavior, visit-to-purchase conversion rates, average purchase amount and analyze each location’s performance against traffic.

Occupancy monitoring enables retailers to make important decisions based on accurate customer count. For everything from measuring business performance to responding to a crisis – real-time information about how many customers are in your store is extremely important.

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Automatic People Counting-stop And Go System

Automatic People Counting-stop And Go System